For Entrepreneurs

Grounded Investment Company invests in African food processors who are becoming world leaders in the production of regenerative organically grown food ingredients for global markets.

Investment criteria

Impact alignment

Committed to implementing regenerative agricultural practices and creating fair, honest and transparent value chains.

Business model

Agri-processors that employ or source from local producers (e.g. smallholder farmers) or are producer aggregators in some other way.


Small to medium sized with EBITDA of about €50,000.


High-value, non-perishable export ingredients such as spices, tea, coffee, herbs and cacao.

Ticket size

Between €150,000 and €500,000 in equity being a significant minority shareholder. With the ability to participate in future rounds.


Africa (initial focus East Africa and Southern Africa).


Experienced and entrepreneurial team who can work together to deliver financial and impact returns.


Equity and debt (for existing portfolio companies).

Why should you partner with us?

  • To make a tangible positive impact on rural economies in Africa while championing regenerative agriculture practices.
  • To partner with an active investor gaining a director-level Grounded Investment Company colleague to work with you to achieve impact and growth objectives.
  • To leverage Grounded Investment Company’s development support structures, including financial management, fundraising, legal, governance, strategic, marketing and sales, regenerative agriculture, operational management, product development and quality, logistics and certifications support.
  • To access working capital and follow-on funding.

What others have to say

Trianon Spices’ partnership with the Grounded Investment Company has built a foundation of comprehensive training programs, fostering strong relationships, enhancing knowledge, and providing recognition to our valued farmers. Not only do we believe in supporting their success, but we also offer financial benefits that contribute to their growth in spice farming.

Omary Tumba, Senior Agronomist, Trianon Spices

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