Grounded Investment Company invests in African food processors who are becoming world leaders in the production of regenerative organically grown food ingredients for global markets.


Trianon Spices

Our first investment was made in Trianon Spices in Tanzania in 2021. Trianon sources cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and black pepper from 2,000 small farmers in and around the lower Eastern Arc Mountains. Growing in this region are some of the most biodiverse rainforests in the world with ideal conditions for farming in harmony with nature and for producing some of the world’s most delicious spices.

Zombo Coffee Partners

Zombo Coffee Partners works with 1500 smallholder farmers in the Alur Highlands of north-western Uganda. The farmers build, own and operate small coffee processing factories known as “microstations”, which allow them to add considerable value to their crop by processing it consistently using best practices. The microstations produce distinctive, high-quality Arabica coffee beans that Zombo mills, sorts, and distributes to specialty markets globally, from Japan to Poland. The exceptional quality commands premium prices, and Zombo shares its profits back to the microstations.


We have a long list of promising new agri-processing opportunities across the African continent. Our focus is on selecting impact-aligned (and high-impact potential) businesses within ingredient sectors that match our skills, networks and experience: high-value non-perishable crops such as spices, tea, coffee, herbs and cacao. We have learnt that product knowledge and strong networks offer the edge for getting high-quality ingredients into international markets to make the companies more profitable and scalable.